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About Us
CAD TRAINING CENTRE Services is the training Centre Group, located at Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu. CAD TRAINING CENTRE has been successful in franchising its training services, successful courses on Animation, Drawing building models, etc.
Thanks to our focus on industry-institute partnership initiatives, Our courses are constantly updated with industry inputs on CAD, CAE, Graphics and Project Management.
Our Team:
CAD TRAINING CENTRE is the only company in Tirunelveli to offer an end-to-end solution to CAD users. The services of CAD include CAD TRAINING, 3D Drawing, 2D & 3D Modeling, Building Drawings, etc. CAD TRAINING CENTRE has successfully trained more students from Diverse Engineering, Graphic and Management backgrounds. CAD TRAINING CENTRE trained students are now employed in key positions in large and small companies throughout Tamilnadu. CAD TRAINING CENTRE provides the training to a student which includes construction drawings, animation courses to the kids also.
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